Being A Woman In India

The dichotomy of being celebrated as a Goddess and being oppressed, abused or worse, charred to death

Goddess Durga Annihilating Demons (Source)

Unpaid Care and Domestic Work

Social Norms, Women’s Unpaid Care Work and Gender based Violence (Source: Oxfam Primary Data Survey 2018)

The knowledge of cooking doesn’t come pre-installed in a vagina. Domestic work is a skill both men and women should have. It is also a skill that can elude both men and women. — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (2016)

Access to Opportunity

Percentage of respondents who agree with ‘When jobs are scarce, men should have more right to a job than women’ (%)

84% respondents (including women) agree that privilege to an opportunity is reserved for men, showcasing the disturbing reality of a society where ‘The Man of the house’ continues to be in a position of power.

An Unsafe Country

With a 70% chance of walking away with minimal or no consequences at all, the rape monstrosity of ‘use-and-throw’ , ‘use-and-kill’ and more recently ‘use-and-burn’ is compounding unchecked.

Goddess Or Not?

I innovate ’cause I’m lazy.

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